How does your fantasy begin?

Maybe you are sitting at your office desk, checking the clock on the computer screen counting the seconds until you can slip away for a quick afternoon rendezvous.

Perhaps you’ve had a long day at the work site, your muscles are aching, and you’re craving a quiet evening where you can kick back and have every part of your body taken care of.

Or perchance you have the whole weekend ahead of you and simply desire a companion to wine, dine, cuddle, and tease…

Our fantasies begin before we even enter the bedroom.

Whether it’s the thrill of slipping out of your 9-to-5 that gets your heart racing, the feeling that you’re relaxing with an old friend that puts you in the mood, or the excitement of spending a weekend on an erotic adventure that revs you up; I’m the one you’ve been searching for.

But what is my fantasy, you ask?

I love casual movie dates with popcorn and a little PDA, pizza delivery with a snuggle on the lounge, a glass of red wine on a chill autumn night followed by sensual exploits.

I love taking someone to the bedroom and leading the way. I love it when I can make someone feel comfortable enough to express their deepest desires.

Oh and I love a good beer or glass of scotch…

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I would love to meet you!

Xoxo Kim

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